Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D. is a writer and business owner.

As an undergraduate at Arkansas College (Lyon College), Clinton was first informed by one of his professors that he had a gift when it comes to writing. Clinton spent the next two semesters at Arkansas College before transferring to Arkansas Tech University (ATU), where he was able to study English with his advisor Poet Paul Lake.

After college Clinton continued to attend various universities, seminars, and schools until he eventually earned a Doctorate of Theology. He spent over twenty years working as a QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional), where Technical Writing is a cornerstone of developing programs and plans for people with Intellectual Disabilities. Eventually, he opened My QIDP as a consulting company for small and large Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) in Texas.

In 2016, having published several poems, developed small websites, and published articles and short fiction, Clinton bought the Four States News through his media company 5 Arrow Media, LLC. Four States News now has over 6000 online articles published, and Clinton has written many of them.

Clinton recently published two books (see Books For Sale tab) and continues to work on several projects. His media company and consulting company continue to thrive in Texas. His office is located at his home, which was built in 1920. The housing addition was the first in the city of Texarkana, Arkansas. Out of the seven remaining "Webber Place" homes, Clinton owns #5 Webber Place.