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Hell has caught the imagination of writers, singers, poets, and the public for thousands of years. It has been described as a place of torment and pain and a place of intrigue and wonder. But the real question is, "What does the Bible say about Hell?"

As much as it has been romanticized, Hell is not the place of fun songs and meetings between old west adversaries. It is truly a place of unimaginable pain, remembrance, torture, and misery that would make any horror novel pale in comparison.

Maybe you want to know more about Hell. Perhaps you have a friend you want to avoid Hell at all cost. Perhaps you just want a quick, accessible guide to use and share with people, so they will know what Hell is all about.

Whatever reason you have, join Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D. as he takes you on a brief tour of this place. This short book covers what the Bible says about Hell. It goes by the Bible and not by man's view or version. "A Brief Tour of Hell" is a short walk into the Devil's world. It's a walk you never want to take outside the pages of this book.

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The book is avaliable in Kindle format or an inexpensive paperback to easily share with others. If it makes a difference between someone spending eterity in Hell or learning today what Hell truly is, can anyone afford not to read this information?

Check out "A Brief Tour of Hell".